Welcome to Westone Aggregates  

     Welcome to Westone Aggregates online, this website is designed to help you understand more about our company as well as the services we can provide to you.  Westone Aggregates operates three sand and gravel pits and one dolomite quarry in the central Ontario region. We can provide aggregate haulage to your site or home, in large or small quantities.
     In addition we run three separate crushing spreads.  These portable crushers process a variety of aggregates. We can produce granular A, B, M, clear stone, drain stone, recycled concrete, screened sand,  brick sand, decorative rock, amour stone.  Moreover, we recycle and crush red brick for use in sports tracks, gardens, and driveways.  In addition we process agricultural poultry grit and decorative/dimensional dolomite stone in our dolomite quarry.