Granular A - A mixture of sand and crushed stone. Particle sizes no larger than 1 inch. Granular A is a finishing material for driveways, roads, parking lots and walkways
Granular B - A mixture of sand and round stone. Particle sizes up to 4 inch. Granular B is a sub-base material, primarily used as a foundation for roads, parking lots and driveways
Recycled Concrete - Concrete crushed to a Granular A or Granular B specification. Used on roads, driveways and parking lots  
Recycled Asphalt - Similar to Granular A in size. Made entirely from reclaimed asphalt and processed with a crusher. Used on roads, driveways and parking lots

Crushed Stone - Used for drainage, pipe bedding, landscape ground cover and driveways. Ranges in sizes from 1/4 inch to 1 inch1/4" - 3/8" 100%

Crushed (HL3)


Crushed (HL8)

1" HL4 Clear
Pea Stone - Used for drainage, bedding and landscape ground cover. Ranges in size from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch

Round River Stone - Used for drainage, landscape ground cover. Range in size from  2"-4", 4"-10" and larger
 2" - 4" Round
4" - 10" Round

Oversized decorative boulders and larger stones are also available



Chip / Dust (Screenings) - Fine mixture of crushed stone dust and chips up to 1/4 inch in size. Use as a base for walkways and pavers.
Crushed Brick - Reddish in colour and used in driveways, landscaping and ground cover. The screened dust can also be used on ball diamonds and pathways. Sizes are: 1" minus and 1/2" minus





1/8" minus


Screened Sand - As the name implies, used primarily as backfill. Not a screened or processed material.
Size of particles is varied



Brick Sand - Finely screened sand with particles no larger than 4 millimetres. Used as a mortar mix. Also works well in sandboxes, play areas and under pool liners